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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The leadership and surgical staff members of this multidisciplinary institute are dedicated to UC Irvine’s mission of Discover - Teach - Heal.

  • Discover: Creating new advances in the field of open, minimally invasive and image-guided surgery through innovative translational research.
  • Teach: Providing superior learning opportunities by emphasizing the newest developments in open surgery as well as in all aspects of minimally invasive surgery (i.e. image-guided, endoscopic, laparoscopic, and robotic-assisted procedures).
  • Heal: Impacting clinical outcomes through the successful transfer of minimally invasive, open and endoscopic skills to a wide range of trainees while also conducting clinical studies to benefit the local, regional, and national community.

Vision Statement

As a premier center of excellence for teaching minimally invasive surgery, the Surgical Education Center at UC Irvine will improve clinical outcomes through the successful discovery of devices and the teaching of the latest progress in open and minimally invasive/endoscopic treatments.


ARI2SE2: Accountability, Respect, Integrity, Innovation, Service, Exploration, Excellence