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Welcome to the Surgical Education Center

Dr. Ralph V. Clayman, right, prepares for a surgical procedure.
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Dr. Ralph V. Clayman, right, prepares for a surgical procedure.

The UC Irvine School of Medicine's Surgical Education Center is dedicated to excellence in teaching minimally invasive surgery techniques.

The center, which specializes in the use of minimally invasive techniques, is a state-of-the-art educational facility dedicated to providing the highest quality surgical education to our community surgeons, medical students, residents, allied health professionals and other members of the surgical team. 

Based on the philosophy that skills are better learned when practiced in a controlled environment, our center provides surgical simulators and pelvic trainers where students, residents, practicing physicians and other clinical staff members can learn and hone their technical skills prior to performing procedures on a patient.

Our goal is to provide superior learning opportunities by emphasizing the newest developments in surgical technology.  Consequently, we offer a full range of educational courses for robotic, endoscopic and minimally invasive surgical procedures.  

Some of the improvements demonstrated by these surgery techniques include less blood loss during surgery, fewer blood transfusions, decreased postoperative pain, decreased use of narcotic pain medication, fewer days required for hospitalization, faster recovery to normal activities, and better cosmetic outcomes.

The center is advised by a collegial and cohesive multi-specialty group of 23 highly skilled and trained faculty members from 15 clinical disciplines at UC Irvine. It was the first facility in California to be designated as an American College of Surgeons Level I Comprehensive Accredited Education Institute.

Through the center, we seek to improve clinical outcomes by teaching minimally invasive, robotic and endoscopic skills, enabling our trainees to provide superior outcomes and reduced length of hospital stay. Thereby we will further UC Irvine School of Medicine and Medical Center's goal to: Discover. Teach. Heal.